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HealthQuest Directory Online Database subscriptions provide searchable and exportable on-line 24/7 access to four HealthQuest directory databases: The National Managed Care Leadership Directory, Accountable Care Directory, Medicaid Managed Care Directory and the Medicare Managed Care Directory.

With a HealthQuest Directory Database Online Subscription, you can target your information using powerful searches for records contained in all four HealthQuest directories, and access and export selected records from these databases anyplace, any time online. An annual on-line subscription is priced at $1,495, with discount credits available for current existing individual directory customers. Call 209.577.4888 for more information or to place your order.

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Accountable Care Directory The Accountable Care Directory 201
$198 electronic version (pdf) or $239 book 
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Medicare Managed Care Directory
The Medicare Managed Care Directory 2019
$178 electronic version (pdf) or $219 book. Database also available.
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Medicaid Managed Care Directory
The Medicaid Managed Care Directory 2019
$178 electronic version (pdf) or $219 book. Database also available.
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The National Managed Care Leadership Directory
The National Managed Care Leadership 2019 Directory Book $249, PDF $215 or Database/PDF- $645
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B2B Health Mailing List  
$95/M with $495 Minimum$95/M with $495 Minimum
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Return Policy Any HealthQuest publication can be returned for a full refund within 5 days of receipt less a $8 restocking fee, provided that the publication is returned in original condition.

HealthQuest Publishers offers critical market intelligence for those doing business with the managed care and other health care business sectors. 

HealthQuest directories and databases provide leads, contact information, mailing lists, profiles and  tools for those involved with marketing, recruitment, business development and others involved with health management and managed care.

HealthQuest Publishers has produced key managed care directories since 1994, including the popular "National Managed Care Leadership Directory."

MCOL acquired HealthQuest Publishers in 2000, and has expanded HealthQuest offerings.

MCOL has been a leading publisher of health care business information since 1995. Click here for extensive additional  information regarding MCOL.



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