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2. Not a subscriber yet? Go to  https://www.managedcarestore.com/yhlthqst/hqonline.htm  for subscription information.

3. To Contact MCOL For Technical Support in using your subscription, you can:

  • Call: 209.577.4888 (open M - F 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific except holidays) 
  • e-Mail: pattyj@mcol.com 
  • Fax your request: 209.577.3557 

4. Click here to review the HQ Online Subscription Privacy Policy and click here to review the Terms of Use.

5. For information about the HQ Online Subscription searchable databases:

  • Click here for information about Health Care Executive Profiles
  • Click here for information about The Managed Care Leadership Directory
  • Click here for information about the MCOL Health Plan Directory

6. Please note the HQ Online Subscription provides results based on your search queries. The subscription does not export mass data for download. If you desire mass provided in Excel, Access, or other applicable formats you will want to refer to other applicable HealthQuest products.

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